Sure, yesterday was the longest day of the year, and even though it's still early in summer, our days are actually getting shorter. Here's how much we're losing each day.


Thanks to the summer solstice on June 21, we just enjoyed the day with the longest amount of sunlight. The longest day of the year, as it's sometimes called, or the first day of summer.

But since then, though, even though it's still summer, we're actually LOSING minutes of sunlight each day. Right now, though, there's still way more sunshine. But on September 21st, things equal out, and we continue losing minutes of daylight all the way until the winter solstice on December 21st , the shortest day of the year.

So how much daylight are we losing these days here in Minnesota? Well, according to, we're losing about a minute every three days. Which, if I do my math correctly, equals out to about 20 seconds a day.

Which, of course, isn't much at all. But as summer progresses, though, the amount of daylight we lose each day increases, as well. Which is a subtle change from the spring, when the minutes of daylight were still increasing

Oh well. There's still a lot of summer left-- get out and enjoy it while you can!

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