With the COVID-19 Pandemic cases surging all across the United States many governors like ours in Minnesota, have had to make the super tough decisions of enacting more restrictions again to try and curb this outbreak. Just like last year when word of the virus first spread people lost their minds and were hoarding toilet paper and other supplies.

Walmart said on Tuesday that they are having a though time keeping up with cleaning supplies and Amazon is sold out of most disinfectant wipes and paper towels. But Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the Consumer Brands Association, said he does think that this wave will not be as bad as before, in that people are more prepared and the lockdowns are on a regional basis.

Freeman also went on to say:

A more informed consumer combined with a more informed manufacturer and a more informed retailer should provide all of us with a greater sense of ease and ensure we can meet this growing demand.

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The biggest supply issue seems to be paper products followed by cleaning supplies. Adding to the problem this time around is 10% of people in the manufacturing field are on quarantine or out sick, testing positive for COVID-19 or were exposed.

This type of panic buying has a massive ripple effect on consumers and can cause major problems for people who may have limited mobility or resources to go from place to place to find items. I saw in our neighborhood grocery store the other day a sign of 2 packs of toilet paper per household. Let's all keep cool heads and just buy what you need, hopefully with renewed restrictions going into place that will help this horrible virus to plateau and cases eventually to start declining.

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