Here's a story that isn't worth fawning over. See what I did there? A herd of deer crashed through the window of a bar in Wisconsin recently. Yikes.

After the past few years, nothing in the news is ever really that surprising. Early last month, a deer was spotted in Superior with boots and shoes. The deer was upside down on the side of the road and someone decided to dress it up.

In other strange animal-related news, a Moose conservation group in Minnesota issued a very strange message shortly after the new year and it gave everyone a good laugh. Basically they told everyone they shouldn't let moose lick their cars.

See what I mean? It has been a strange few years in general, especially when it comes to news about animals and the like. This falls right under the very same category.

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The incident went down recently at a bar in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. For the record, Oshkosh is about five hours from the Twin Ports. The window-crashing was shared on the bar's official Facebook page in late March.

They didn't dive too deep into what exactly happened and they kept the caption short and sweet. According to their post, an "unexpected guest" decided to skip the actual entrance and just break through the window. Ha!

They also made sure to let everyone know that they were still open for business, although there would probably be a little bit of a draft due to the a large whole in the front window. The business is Dublin's Irish Pub, by the way.

Many loyal customers took to the comment section of the post and shared that they had seen more deer than usual in their neck of the woods. Of course, some took the opportunity to make jokes, with one customer chiming in to say someone should have held the doors and that manners are a thing of the past.

Another customer chimed in that the deer probably just wanted a Bloody Mary. That one I totally understand.

Local news outlets reported on the story. According to WIXX, the operations manager says he thought the staff was pulling a prank of some sort. He realized this wasn't the case when he reviewed the footage and saw the entire debacle go down.

Another interesting tidbit? It wasn't just one deer as bar patrons first thought. Apparently, it was six or seven deer that made their way through the window. From there, they quickly did hot laps of the restaurant before exiting, never to be seen again.

The deer may have come from a nearby pond, which explains how they made their way over to the area where the bar is. Maybe the deer just wanted to celebrate a late St. Patrick's Day celebration? Or maybe they just wanted an ice cold deer, I mean, beer!

Although this story is crazy, it doesn't look like any bar patrons or employees got hurt. This is also a much better situation than one that made headlines recently when a woman in Duluth discovered that a black bear had made a den under her front porch.

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