Have you signed up for the new Farm Bill? According to a news release Friday afternoon over one-half of farmers would respond no, or hopefully they would say not yet! However, we are running out of time because the deadline is March 16, 2020. If you do not sign up you will not receive any payments if they are earned for the 2019 crop.

Last week the National Ag Statistics Service released the 2019 county yield data. From talking with University of Minnesota Extension Educators, Farm Business Management Instructors and Crop Insurance Agents the 2019 county yield data did not change farmers decision on going with ARC County, PLC or ARC Individual. They already had a pretty good idea what the yields would be and the likelihood of earning a payment under each program.

The University of Minnesota Extension Service has scheduled another Farm Bill webinar on Thursday March 5, 2020 at 10:00 am. on to the website: z.umn.edu/FarmBillWebinar. There is another website that you can find a analysis of your own county. That website is: farmbill.umn.edu.

If you have not signed up yet give your county FSA office a call and get an appointment. In addition if you know what program you want they can have all the paperwork organized. It took me just a few minutes to sign up when I stopped by for my appointment!

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