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There's a gem of a report from the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office that appears on their Facebook page every week. It's the highlights of the previous week's calls. Everything from suspicious behavior to traffic stops.

I decided it deserves it's own story because it gives you a good idea of the everyday kind of things a sheriff's office encounters. Plus, at least a few times the report will make you laugh out loud (or even feel nostalgic). You'll get both in this rundown.

What's Your Favorite Report This Week from Goodhue County?

Goodhue County Sheriff's Office photo
Goodhue County Sheriff's Office photo

Thought you'd never ask...

  • Hay Creek TWP- 2 Reports of a brown cow on the highway. Deputies were unable to locate the cow.

I have so many questions!

  1. Did the cow disappear?
  2. Was it a ghost cow?
  3. Did the deputies think it was a prank until the second call came in?
  4. If they'd found the cow, would it have received a moooving violation? ('ll show myself out)

GCSO highlights for the week of 9/14/21 to 9/20/21

Darrin Klimek
(Not the TP house noted below) Darrin Klimek

Domestics / Disturbance/ Suspicious:

  • Roscoe TWP- Report of a hunter being harassed by other hunters. The hunter later returned to find his truck was vandalized.
  • Florence TWP- A report about threats being made. The threat was that the suspect said they were going to send their husband to the victim’s house.
  • Goodhue TWP- a report about suspicious behavior. A resident was concerned about a car that was hanging out by his driveway. It turned out to be 2 teenage girls talking.
    • (NOTE: Or two baddies in excellent disguises.)
  • Wanamingo TWP- Report of 2 vehicles parked on the reporting party’s property. The owners of the vehicles were located (they were fishing) and advised to not park or be on private property without permission.
  • Welch- Report about a possibly abandoned vehicle in the woods, next to the river. Deputies located the vehicle and the owner who was with the vehicle. The vehicle owner was camping and fishing in the area.
  • Wanamingo- Complaint about a neighbor who has cameras pointed at the Reporting party’s yard.
  • Pine Island- A threats complaint stemming from a civil issue between 2 parties was reported.
  • Stanton TWP- Report of a “in progress TP’ing” being done by 20 kids. The victim was able to get some license plates and a few of the kids were located, admitted to it and they were brought back to the scene to clean up their mess.
    • (NOTE: Is it Homecoming already?)


Male thief tries to steal a car. Car theft concept
  • Dennison- Report of a stolen gas can and gas. Suspects also tried to take the Catalytic Convertor from a vehicle
  • Wanamingo TWP- Report of some items being stolen and other items being damaged.
  • Red Wing- Theft of 2 trail cams after a lock was cut to gain access to the area.
  • Red Wing- a vehicle was broken into and the catalytic convertor was stolen.
  • Mazeppa- Report of a stolen bike from the school. While deputies were talking to the victim, the bike was located on the other side of the school.
    • (NOTE: I once called the law because I was certain my car was stolen...nope. Impounded. 10 overdue traffic tickets.)
  • Red Wing- Report of stolen tax returns and a TV remote.

Damage to Property:

  • Pine Island- Report of damage to lockers at the public pool. Damage estimated to be around $1,500.
  • Zumbrota- Damage to a fence was reported. A camera on the property captured the damage being done and a suspect was identified.

Animal Complaint:

  • Hay Creek TWP- 2 Reports of a brown cow on the highway. Deputies were unable to locate the cow.


A gavel and a name plate with the engraving DUI Law
  • Zumbrota- A driving complaint called in by a semi-truck driver about a vehicle that unable to maintain their speed and crossing center and fog lines led to the driver of that vehicle being arrested for 2nd Degree DWI and Test Refusal.

Traffic Stop:

    • Welch- A vehicle was stopped when the registered owner showed a revoked driving status. The driver was slow to stop and kept reaching between the center console. The driver was arrested for 5th degree drugs and giving a false name.
    • Hay Creek TWP- A Deputy saw a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road. When the Deputy pulled up, the driver said they were fixing their windshield. The Deputy asked the name of the driver and found they had a revoked driving status. Further investigation led to one of the passengers (who tried to use a fake name) being arrested for warrants from another county.
      • (NOTE: Saw this kinda dough-headery when I hosted ladies nights. People do something stupid that attracts LEO's attention and its discovered they have warrants, etc. They never think of just chilling the heck out?)
    • Red Wing TWP- a driver that was stopped for having a brake light out was issued a citation for driving after revocation, No proof of insurance and a child restraint violation.
Caucasian Couple on the Road Trip in the Modern Vehicle with Large Sunroof.
  • Hay Creek TWP- the driver of a panel truck was given a citation for going 74 in a 55 MPH zone.
  • Welch- A driver was given a citation for going 91 MPH in a 55 MPH zone and no proof of insurance.
  • Red Wing- a TZD (Towards Zero Death) enforcement led to multiple drivers and passengers being cited for not using their seatbelts.
  • Florence TWP- a citation was given to a driver for going 61 MPH in a 40 MPH and for driving with a suspended driving status.
    • (NOTE: See above about dough-heads breaking the law while breaking the law.)
  • Pine Island- a vehicle was stopped for expired tabs. The odor of Marijuana coming from the car led the Deputies to locate the Marijuana and a THC vape pen. Charges are pending.
  • HWY 52- Deputies assisted another agency on a traffic stop. The driver was going 107 MPH and was found to be intoxicated. The driver was arrested.

Red highlights are mine to draw your eye to the What the Flamin' Hooty-Hoo? part.

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

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