I hope everyone has a happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving with their families and friends! I think it is safe to assume that Thanksgiving is a little more special to farmers. There have been a lot of long days getting the harvest and fall tillage done. There have been a lot of sandwiches eaten in combine and tractor cabs. When I am out there in the field I sometimes find myself thinking about sitting down to a great Thanksgiving dinner. If I get hungry, its another cheese sandwich!

When you are enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, give a thought to those who are working today. I don't mean farm Broadcasters that were on the air this morning at 5AM. Compared to being a dairy farmer, going to the studio is not really work. I am referring to livestock farmers. Livestock need to be taken care of 365 days a year. I am also referring to doctors and nurses taking care of patients in the hospital or long-term care facilities. I am referring to local police officers, deputy sheriffs and state patrol officers.

The list of those working on Thanksgiving can go on and on. How about those that are working at truck stops and convenience stores? We cannot drive too far without a gas station to fill up the car. How about snowplow operators that were on call in case we had freezing rain or snow. So, if you see anyone working a shift today say thank you!

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