Granger Smith's "Heaven Bound Balloons" video might be his most personal to date, and not just because it features the people he loves most in life.

The powerful clip opens with Smith's eldest children sitting in a field of flowers, scribbling notes to their late grandfather on balloons, which they hope reach him in heaven. Just as the lyrics go, Smith watches on before deciding to join them for a release that's both literal and figurative.

"We wrote 'We miss you and we love you'/ Told him things are great down here / We spelled it out and sent it up / And we watched it disappear / Sometimes I guess you gotta see it to believe it / 'Cause right then I knew those blue sky prayers were getting through / When we let go of those heaven bound balloons," the "Backroad Song" hitmaker sings in the chorus.

Thoughts and Prayers for Granger Smith As His Son Has Died

Soon they're joined by friends, family, band members, Smith's wife, Amber, as well as his mother and even his grandmother, who all take a minute to write balloon messages to loved ones who've left Earth and gone to heaven. Try to hold back tears as they let the balloons float up, scattering the sky with colorful dots as they get further and further away.

The screen cuts to a teary-eyed Smith, and the video ends with a single balloon that reads: "We miss you and we love you."

"I wrote this about something close to me, but I also tried my best to let it connect to you and your story- and I’ve heard so many of them over the years," Smith writes on Twitter. The singer lost his father a few years back, and he admits: "This song/vid hits me hard."

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