Breaking News: Gov. Mark Dayton collapsed about 50 minutes into his annual State of the State speech on Monday night. He paused to take a drink of water and then started slurring words and appeared to faint as he moved away from the podium.

Two legislators gave him aid and he appeared to be unconscious for several minutes. The Legislature adjourned and after a short time Dayton Chief of Staff Jaimie Tincher said the governor walked out of the Capitol on his own and went home where he was checked out by EMTs.

The governor's son Eric tweeted the following after. "I'm with my dad now and he's doing great. Thank you all for your kind well-wishes and words of concern."

Dayton, who will turn 70 on Thursday, briefly stumbled while entering the chamber to deliver his address.

Tincher said Dayton will present his 2017 budget at 11:15AM Tuesday.

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