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Want to see if you're sweetie pie is bananas about you? Or maybe find out if she's the gorilla your dreams? Try this...

Meet them at the airport dressed like a gorilla! Video from LiveLeak

His name is Dan Barth, and it looks like he's at the Fargo International Airport to meet his girlfriend Shaina Culpepper. They both love pranks, and as pranks go, this is pretty good. If you watch the video, I'm guessing she figured it was him, but when she leaps into his arms, it's all kinds of cute.

PS - The sign is hard to read in the video, but it says, "Shaina, you drive me bananas."

WARNING: If you go to Fargo dressed in a gorilla suit to greet someone, have a second or third thing planned. Otherwise, big excitement, then let down. Here's some thing you could do...

1 - The Pencil Fence at the Red River Zoo, with over 1,000 massive pencils!

2. All over Fargo you'll find the painted buffalo, or as they call 'em, The Painted Bison! There's a whole herd of there, each painted by a local artist, but scattered all over town so don't worry about stampede.

3 - Pie Day at Son's of Norway

4 - The Moorhead Dairy Queen - They open for business so early in the year, people often wear parkas and boots! PS - Its where the Dilly bar was created!

5 - The Fargo Theater - LOVED going here when I lived up dere. It was bult in 1926 for movies and for stage shows, and that's still what happens there! Even the old school organ is there, rising up to play, then, as the movie starts, sinking back into the orchestra pit. Great acoustics and a neat experience. This video is about the organ.

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