Just a poetic thanks to all KDHL listeners in 2016.

For listening from January through the recent volleyball state scene.


Thanks to the Kenyon-Wanamingo Knight and Kasson-Mantorville volleyball teams.

For heading to state and fulfilling many player dreams.


Thanks to the Kenyon-Wanamingo wrestlers and Goodhue Wildcat girls basketball Wildcats.

For their state titles and teaching us sports are about more than just stats.


To the Pine Island Panther baseball and Goodhue Wildcats boys basketball teams.

For their state berths were filled with storybook themes.


Thanks to all assisting with the community thanksgiving meal,

It really is an incredible deal.


Thanks to Julie and Laura for organizing it again this year.

Thanks to all those peeling potatoes, trimming turkeys and making placemats with good cheer.


To those delivering meals on this Thanksgiving day.

And the Faribault American Legion for use of their facility, so the community can say.


Through the 30th year of the event that we are community.

And we believe in unity.


Thanks to those involved in today’s Infants Remembered in Silence Turkey Trot.

From novice to veteran runner looking to fill a specific time slot.


Thanks to the soldiers for putting their lives on the line.

So we can vote, or wage peaceful protest, is fine.


Thanks to the farmers for putting food on our table.

Thanks to the doctors and nurses for making our bodies able.


Thanks to the fire and police professionals who protect and serve.

Thanks to the snowplow drivers and teachers who show lots of nerve.


I thank God for every person I may encounter on life’s journey.

We may never share time physically or be at the same state tourney.


It is an honor to bring you the news and sports on the KDHL airwaves each day.

I wish I had the vocabulary to find the right words to say.


A simple thanks is all I can muster to all who lend me their ear.

Through the magic of radio we can share a laugh or tear.


On behalf of all of us at KDHL.

We thank you for listening and hope for you 2017 is really swell.

Thanksgiving Turkey Preperation at Faribault American Legion- photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Thanksgiving Turkey Preperation at Faribault American Legion- photo by Gordy Kosfeld


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