How about some good news for your day? A post by the Stearns County Sheriff's Office put a smile on my face, and I hope it will put one on yours too. A stuck motorist during the recent bout of snowy winter weather was given a little help during the holidays as another motorist decided to cover the cost to get them unstuck by a tow truck. How awesome is that?

According to the post by the Stearns County Sheriff's Office, not everything or everyone is bad, in fact, this person probably just earned themselves some good karma or shall I say 'car'-ma by paying it forward.

Last night our deputies stopped to standby for a driver who had spun out on Hwy 23 near Rockville when a passerby stopped to check on things. The Good Samaritan then offered to pay for the stuck drivers' tow bill.

Thank you to this person for your random act of Minnesota kindness. It is a wonderful reminder to us all what a difference a small act of kindness can make!

The kind gesture was made on Tuesday night, and I'm not sure how we could go about knowing the identity of the good samaritan unless they were to step forward, but whoever it was that paid that tow bill, thank you for being a genuinely kind person. I hope you get that gesture returned to you 10 fold.

With 2022 just a day away, maybe your New Year's resolution will be to practice one good deed or turn a week, simply to make another person's day better.

Maybe in 2022, kindness will spread as quickly as *ahem* other things have spread.

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