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In Minnesota, we've reached the capacity to test 20,000 people a day for the Coronavirus. That's pretty huge and great and will be really important if the numbers trend up (see more on this story HERE).

But, what about the cost of the tests? A couple friends were going to take time off and enjoy Texas. Before they headed out, they wanted to get tested for Covid-19, so they went to the same place to get the test.

They both had the same test.

In fact, everything they did was a match for each other, except one thing. One paid cash, and the other used insurance. Both came back negative for the Coronavirus.

But that's where the similarity ends...and the notable difference in cost comes in.

Medical cost concept with calculator and stethoscope

According to the New York Times,

The emergency room charged Mr. Harvey $199 in cash. Ms. LeBlanc, who paid with insurance, was charged $6,408.

“I assumed, like an idiot, it would be cheaper to use my insurance than pay cash right there,” Ms. LeBlanc said. “This is 32 times the cost of what my friend paid for the exact same thing.”

Even after negotiations, insurance covered only a little bit, leaving over $900 to be paid.

The lesson? Ask ask ask. Find out what the test will cost, or if it's free. A scan of the Rochester medical scene (Mayo and Olmsted) did not show any pricing information. Calls were not returned before publishing this article.

(Photo by Rohan Thomson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rohan Thomson/Getty Images)

Speaking of testing, Mayo Clinic announced they're shutting down two of their Covid-19 drive-thru testing sites...

Mayo Clinic has consolidated its downtown site near the Guggenheim building with the testing site in the Charlton building.

A spokesperson said, “ The objective is for the Mayo Clinic, OMC, Olmsted County Public Health collaborative at Graham Park to be the single point for all drive through testing by July 13th.”

Get more details and the latest infection rates HERE.

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