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The Rochester Chamber is sponsoring a huge mask give-away on August 3rd from 9-2PM in the lower parking lot of 125 LIVE.

How huge? 148,000 masks huge. They received these disposable masks from the state of Minnesota to ensure employees and customers of local businesses and non-profits within the county have access to masks.

All of these are masks! Credit: Rochester Chamber
All of these are masks! Credit: Rochester Chamber

The event is called ‘MASK UP ROCHESTER’ and according to the Chamber...

Masks will b distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last. Each box contains 50 masks and businesses can request up to five boxes (250 masks).

Businesses and non-profits do not need to be Chamber members to get free masks. We ask those requesting masks to bring a business card. Stop by anytime between 9am – 2pm. Please see map below for pick-up area.

125 Live Parking Lot map


There are a ton of sad stories and angry stories and just plain, "Knock that foolishness off!" stories, but here's a bittersweet Covid-19 Story from KLVT.

In Nebraska Bev Boro and Doris Crippen are sisters, only they haven't seen each other for fifty years! When they were kids, the foster care system separated them, and ever since, they've been trying to find each other.

Enter Coronavirus. Doris contracted Covid-19, went to the hospital and guess who was her nurse? Right, Bev! When Bev figured it out, she use a white-board to tell Doris the news (she's hearing impaired) and then the tears came. Doris said,

"I am the happiest person in the world. I cannot believe I finally found my sister."

Just amazing.


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If you are looking for a personal mask that's fun, choose from these great designs and help out a non=profit at the same time!

MASK UP! Trending Mask Designs For Sale Benefiting a Good Cause

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