It's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together at one of these Minnesota locations.

I have a faint memory of my first and only sleigh ride. I was just a kid, and it was part of a family outing that my grandparents had organized. We drove out to a farm somewhere in Wisconsin where a horse-drawn sleigh awaited us. We climbed up and snuggled under blankets while large horses pulled us around through the woods. I don't remember much about the sleigh ride itself -- as I recall I spent more time shivering than appreciating what was happening -- though I do remember drinking hot cocoa in a warm cabin afterwards. I suppose I haven't done a great job of selling winter sleigh rides, but don't let my childhood experience deter you from enjoying one of your own.

While sleigh rides through a winter wonderland may seem a thing of the past, we found four places around Minnesota where you can enjoy one for yourself this winter season!

1. RJ's Stables

Located in Sauk Rapids, RJ's Stables provides boarding for horses, riding lessons, horse-drawn wagon rides and sleigh rides. Wagon and sleigh rides are pulled by a team of black Percherons named Otis & Kid. Call (320) 259-9539 or visit to schedule your sleigh ride today.


2. Roselawn Stables

Roselawn Stables is located in St. Francis. In addition to on-site day camps and off-site services like wedding and parage carriages and trolleys, they also offer winter sleigh rides. Dash through the snow in a bobsled, a box sled or on an enchanted sleigh! Book your ride at


3. Cornerstone Pines

Cornerstone Pines Christmas Tree Farm between Grey Eagle and Long Prairie is a 100+ acre tree farm. Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in-season, expect to see Santa or take a sleigh ride select dates and times. Find more details at


4. Bunker Hills Carriages

Located in Ogilvie, Bunker Hills Carriages offers carriage rides, hay rides and sleigh rides. Call (320)-272-4490 to learn more.

Know of another place in Minnesota you can take a winter sleigh ride? Let us know!

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