A video of former WCCO meteorologist being interrupted as he tries to work from home has the internet in stitches and the empathy of every parent trying to do the same.

Last week, NBC New York meteorologist Matt Brickman was trying to record a promo video for work from home when he was interrupted by a series of hilarious distractions. In one, his son Henry entered the room to tell his dad that he'd packed water for their upcoming bike ride.

"I got water for a bike ride," his son can be heard saying off camera. "Lights. One for me, one for you."

"Ok," Brickman answers, smiling and trying not to laugh.

"Mine's gonna go in your basket..." his son continues.

"Ok," Brickman pushes gently, still smiling, "we'll go on the bike ride in just a minute. I just gotta finish this real quick."

On his way out of the room, Henry assures his dad he's packed everything they'll need. In another moment, Brickman shouts to his wife Kate, asking if she can keep the kids quiet just long enough for him to record his promo. Her answer back is everything.

"Yeah, sorry! Otis pooped on his leg a little bit a minute ago." Brickman just laughs, holding a hand to his face.

In another hilarious moment, Brickman is readying himself to record again when Henry re-enters to tell his dad he's ready to go.

"Hold on one sec, kiddo," Brickman says. "Let me do this one more thing."

"You said a rain's coming, so I got rain boots."

His dad bursts out into laughter again, "You don't need rain boots now!"

The cute video has received 465 retweets on Twitter and 3.6k likes in a day.

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