If you're gonna head to the Bold North in December, you'd better be prepared for the cold weather, right?


But that's exactly what Joanna Gaines, star of the HGTV show, 'Fixer Upper' DIDN'T do on a trip to Minneapolis earlier this week. And, according to this Star-Tribune story, that meant the interior designer had to high-tail it to a local store to stock on some cold weather gear.

It all started Monday when a post on Joanna's Instagram page showed her flying over a snow-covered landscape we later learned was Minnesota. "Too bad I forgot my coat," was the picture's caption.

Yeah, not having a winter coat is a mistake you DON'T want to make when you're heading to the Land of 10,000 (Now Frozen) Lakes in early December-- especially when the temp was only 28 degrees in the Twin Cities on Monday. (Although that sounds almost tropical compared to our high temps the last few days, right?)

BringMeTheNews says Joanna spent some time shopping at Pacifier, a children's store in Minneapolis where the story says she stocked up on some cold weather gear for both herself and her 5-month-old son, Crew.

So why was Joanna-- who's from Waco, Texas, mind you (where the temperature in December is usually in the upper 50s)-- doing here in Minnesota? No official word, but seeing as she and hubby, Chip (and their Magnolia brand) are partners with Target, perhaps there was some high-level meeting she had to attend at Target's headquarters in downtown Minneapolis.

Either way, though, if she has to head back again anytime soon, I'm guessing she'll remember to bring along the winter gear!

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