ROSEVILLE -- One of the two Minnesota lottery players who won $1 million each in last Friday's Mega Millions drawing has claimed their prize.

The lucky Mega Millions player bought two quick pick tickets at a Holiday Stationstore in Forest Lake. After checking their ticket on Saturday following the drawing, they realized they had “all but one number” to win $1 million.

The Holiday Stationstore that sold the winning ticket is located at 1208 W. Broadway Ave. in Forest Lake. The business earned a $5,000 bonus for selling the $1 million ticket.

In Minnesota, winners do not have to reveal their identity.

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The other $1 million Mega Millions winning ticket won in Minnesota on July 29 was purchased at Casey’s General Store at 7295 University Ave. N.E. in Fridley. It has not yet been presented for payment. Winners have one year from the drawing date to claim prizes.

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