Rick Bussler was a Lakeville police officer for 17 years. Until 2014 when he was fired for violating a department policy against officers talking to the media without the police chief's permission.

Bussler has a media background and owns newspapers in southeastern Minnesota. He was speaking to the media about a fatal car crash in 2014. After that he was advised by Chief Jeff Long not to talk to reporters again without permission. After that a reporter had apparently been given information about two open investigations. Bussler denied releasing the information, but an independent investigator said that Bussler was the leak.

Bussler's suit says that he is arguing that the current policy is flawed and that his first amendment and civil rights were violated when he was fired. He is asking for $50,000 in damages and lost income.

His attorney says that the policy is too vague and broad.

Bussler previously appealed his case to a state arbitrator, who took the side of the city.

A scheduling conference is set for September 7.

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