Many farmers are working hard to get wrapped up for this year, while the weather is cooperating. And many farmers may be sacrificing some sack time to go hunting or other family activities.

It's very dangerous to be operating farm machinery when you are really tired. You are not concentrating as much on what you are doing, maybe trying to go to fast or move equipment to other locations hurriedly. Not watching out on the roads etc.

Please take the time to be safe. Take the time to get decent sleep or a nap. Just think about if you get hurt or killed, how will your harvest, and family be taken care of then.

And motorists now that it is darker earlier, be especially alert to watch out for equipment on the roads.

On a slightly lighter note, here is a hard working farmer and farm broadcaster getting in a little nap in between broadcasts.

Jerry getting a quick nap John Anderson TSM Photo
Jerry getting a quick nap
John Anderson TSM Photo

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