Mark your calendars for Thursday June 28, 2018 for the annual Farmer Appreciation Breakfast. The FREE breakfast will be served at the American Legion in Faribault from 7:00 to 9:30 am. Did you catch that, a FREE breakfast? It is our way of saying thank you to farm families for what they do, producing a safe and affordable food supply for Americans and consumers overseas! Agriculture also produces a lot of jobs and economic activity.

When you consider all the business that provide the inputs farmers need to produce a crop and feed livestock, agriculture contributes about 20 percent of our overall economic activity. That means about 20 percent of all jobs are related to agriculture! While we call the event the Farmer Appreciation Breakfast, everyone is invited! Maybe consumers that don't know a lot about production agriculture, can enjoy breakfast and get to know a farmer.

In addition there will be many business that farmers work with at the breakfast too. Maybe consumers can learn more about all those careers in agriculture. John and many others from Town Square Media will be there and the morning show on KDHL will be broadcast from the breakfast. Hope to see you there!


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