With the holiday's firmly behind us, as Monday was the 12th Day of Christmas, it's time to start taking down the ornaments and packing back up the manger scene. If you had a 'real' tree this year, the City of Faribault and some hungry goats want your greenery. 

Folks who bought a natural tree or wreath this year will have to make sure it is fully undecorated, so no ornaments, bulbs, lights, or wires are still on or in your tree, can bring it to the White Sands Dog Park for some area goats to enjoy.

According to a post from the City of Faribault on their Facebook page:

"The trees will be picked up by staff at Goat Dispatch, and the trees will be fed to the goats. The exact drop-off location is the northern part of the White Sands Dog Park parking lot, located at 900 Lyndale Ave. N, Faribault, Minn. 55021. Trees can be dropped off through the middle of January."

Goats get some nutritional value from the pine needles as they provide trace nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and forage. Pine is good for the goats as it helps control intestinal worms and is also high in vitamin C content. Some varieties of pine trees contain higher amounts of Vitamin A.

According to Timber Creek Farmer's website goats aren't the only animals that can benefit from a real pine tree. "Not only can goats eat Christmas trees, but the chickens will enjoy either nibbling or playing with the pine needles and branches. The entire Christmas tree can provide a windbreak in the chicken run, and an activity center for bored chickens."

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