The Faribault Public School Board tonight voted 6-1 to give Faribault teachers a bump in pay and benefits of over 7 percent during the next two years.

Specifics of the agreement between School District #656 amd the Faribault Education Association state in 2021-22 a 2.17% increase to the salary schedule, step and lane increments, $250 increase to TSA match steps, insurance increase for employees not at the current insurance cap.

The total package increase is 3.96%.  A financial impact to the school district of $1,096,518.

IN 2022-23 a 2.00% increase in salary, step and lane increments, insurance increase for employees not at the current insurance cap.

The total package increase is 3.68%.  Impact to the school district is $1,061,321.

The 2021-23 total package agreement is a 7.64% increase amounting to $2,157,839.00.

School Board member Richard Olson cast the only dissenting vote after asking Andrew Adams, Director of Finance and Operations if the agreement was above the district's budget.

Adams replied, "The first year is above our budget by $202,000."  Olson asked about the second year.  Adams response, "We don't have a set budget for year two but if we moved forward with similar assumptions it would be about $123,000 above budget."

Olson then asked if the numbers agreed to would result in budget cuts.

Adams stated, "Yes."  Olson questioned, "Will it hurt kids?"  Adams replied, "That all depends on what cuts you folks decide to make this spring."

Before the vote was taken Board Member Courtney Cavellier said, "I would just like to make clear the majority of reasons why we need to do budget cuts each year is because of enrollment in a shrinking district.  Not because of our work to come to an agreement with our teachers."

Board Member Jerry Robicheau added, "I think it's a very respectful settlement given what our staff has gone through over the last year.  I don't think they could be fully rewarded if it were possible to recognize all of the traumas and all the tribulations that they went through trying to adjust while still focusing on the learning of students.  So I think it's very reasonable settlement given what they had to go through over the last year and continue to go through this year in trying to make that transition."

The Faribault Public School Board also unanimously approved the hiring of Molly Titchenal as Workforce Development Coordinator for the district.

Titchenal's first day was September 13, 2021.  The contract is for 240 days at a salary of $87,000.

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