It's not you, OK. If you've been out to a local restaurant or bar for lunch or dinner you've experienced it first hand, the shortage of workers at these restaurants and bars causes service to slow down, and in some cases like one restaurant in Faribault is causing them to remain closed for two days a week due to staffing shortages.

The problem continues to be widespread openings across the board for businesses both large and small here in Minnesota. According to Minnesota's Department of Employment and Economic Development, in September there were over 81,000 new job openings with only 10,000 job seekers logging into the Minnesota Works website looking for work. That's a pretty big disparity.

One of those businesses is the Crooked Pint here in Faribault. They announced via social media today that they would be closed on both Mondays and Tuesdays due to staffing shortages.

Staffing is just one of the many issues that are affecting local businesses, restaurants and bars are also dealing with supply shortages when it comes to both food and dry goods.

There is even a shortage of alcohol right now that is beginning to affect Northern Minnesota's businesses. 

So the next time you head out to eat, or to the store to pick something up, remember there is still a shortage of help in the workforce, things might take a little longer than you are used to, so be kind and compassionate to those people who are back to work or maybe starting a new position.

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