Samuel Temple and Logan Ledman  are in their second year of putting together a history series entitled 1855 that focuses primarily on happenings in Faribault.

The two high school students were classmates in Northfield.  Temple is now at Faribault High School and recently played Igor in the Paradise Community Theatre adaptation of the hilarious Mel Brooks musical "Young Frankenstein."

The history series air on the local cable access channel FCTV and is available on YouTube.

It has been very popular with scores and scores of hits.

In the longest segment to date Temple and Ledman talk about "Peoples of Faribault" in their latest episode.

Tackling the story of how the makeup of Faribault's population has evolved.

A number of guests were interviewed for this segment including Larry RIchie of Nerstrand about our earliest settlers the Native Americans.

Bashir Omar talks about the latest influx of Somalian refugees into Faribault.

Mr. Walters Class of Cannon River STEM School is doing immigration research and participate in the program.

Local author Lisa Bolt-Simon and Paul Penansky with the City of Faribault are also interviewed for the segment.

Screenshot 1855
Screenshot 1855

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