Jennie-O-Turkey Store Feed Mill. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Jennie-O-Turkey Store Feed Mill. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld

Faribault Fire Chief Dustin Dienst says dispatchers requested assistance for a "pit rescue" early this morning at the Jennie-O-Turkey Store Medford Feed Mill.

The dispatch was sent at 4:54 a.m. The Faribault Fire Department, Rice County Sheriff’s Office, and North Memorial Ambulance Service responded to a worker injured in a small area for equipment maintenance two levels below grade at 25475 Cabot Ave.

Dienst says, "The worker fell 7 to 8 feet and landed on a concrete floor injuring himself.  He was unable to move and was in pain."

Dienst added, "Fire and ambulance crews were able to make patient contact via ladders, designed to access the area, to begin patient care.  An emergency access hatch was located directly above the patient and provided a straight vertical path of about 20 feet to the ground level. A mechanical advantage system consisting of ropes, pulleys, basket and webbing was rigged up for extrication of the patient.  The basket was lowered to the patient while the North Ambulance crew treated the patient for pain via an IV.  The patient was placed on a backboard and then into a rescue basket.  The patient was then carefully “lashed” (secured) to the basket."

The Faribault Fire Chief reported, "A firefighter and sheriff’s deputies hauled the patient up to ground level and placed on a cot for transportation to a hospital at 5:59 am. Crews cleared the scene at 6:15 am."

Fire Chief Dustin Dienst stated, “Even though we train constantly on situations like this, every emergency has its own set of challenges that responders have to overcome.  All responders involved did an awesome job and the patient received top-notch care.”

This is Farm Safety Week.  Dienst was a guest on AM Minnesota on KDHL Monday talking about farm safety.  Which also includes agribusinesses like the Medford Feed Mill.

The identity of the injured worker was not revealed.


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