Sara Caron, in her first year on the Faribault City Council, Janna Viscomi in her 8th year, were guests on  today's KDHL AM Minnesota program.

We touched on a variety of topics.  Both women said they enjoyed the job.  Viscomi did say she is leaning toward not running for re-election next year because of a belief that two terms is probably enough.

Both said they would love for more positive input from people.  Not to say people can't complain about something but you can complain in a constructive way.

Caron ran because of her distaste with what was happening or maybe better put not happening.  One of he saddest days was losing Johnston Hall to the wrecking ball.

She grew up on Faribault's east side.  Viscomi hopes the large area near the viaduct can become a gathering place for concerts and community events.  Caron agreed it would be great to have outdoor concerts there.

I suggested the name Hammond Anderson park for the area and see Google Maps has taken the suggestion and turned it into their reality.

Google Maps Identified my suggested park name. Screen capture by Gordy Kosfeld
Google Maps Identified my suggested park name. Screen capture by Gordy Kosfeld

We talked about the greatest challenges currently facing the city.

Viscomi said communities all around Faribault marvel at how Faribault was able to get multiple apartment complexes built in a relative short period of time.

The new Fleckenstein Bluffs Park is coming along nicely between Trail's Edge and the new apartments where the former city public works building had been located.

You can listen to the podcast of the AM Minnesota program below.

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