Faribault City Administrator Tim Murray told members of the City Council tonight after listening to the Governor's News Conference that pulling back and limiting contact must be done amid the current pandemic.

Murray told the Council COVID-19 is hitting home, "I think we were pretty fortunate over the spring and summer, but we've had a number of employees that have now tested positive from multiple departments.  With all those things in trying to be responsible I think the bottom line what I took out of the Governor's Press Conference and everything else was, we need to keep people away from each other as much as we can. I mean just bottom line."

Murray added unless the Council was opposed he recommends closing some facilities again.   "Close City Hall for a period of time.  Close the Community Center and Library back down for a period of time.  I mean I really regret the fact that we have to do this but I really think if we want to do what we can, again just to limit the exposure, protect the public, protect our employees.  That's at this time the appropriate step to take."

Murray says, "I'd look to do it pretty much to the end of the year unless something really changes dramatically which there have been no signs of."

The Faribault City Administrator pointed out city services will still be provided. "If they need a building inspection.  If they need to submit an application.  If they need to get a license from Heather, you know, whatever it is we'll still make those accomadations.  We've been shut down already.  I'm not aware that really anything got missed.  Or anybody didn't get what they needed.  Obviously if the council is okay with this step then we'll work hard over the next week  tp publicize it."

Mayor Kevin Voracek stated, "I would say that you're the administrator.  If that's what you believe I don't think the council's going to buck you on it."

A Council Member asked if that meant Zoom only meetings in the future.


Murray answered, "We're looking at the end of next week before we would close at the earliest so I would say after next week. We would be looking at all virtual meetings again.  We would go back to all virtual."


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