The high school boys track and field season is about halfway done.  A number of area athletes have some of the best times or distances in their events.

We examined the and Raceberry Jam lists to develop these listings.  Click on the respective sites for full results from across the state. combines Class A and Class AA while Raceberry Jam separates the classes.

We will combine the classes here emphasizing the Big Nine, Gopher,  Hiawatha Valley League, South Suburban Conferences and some other area teams.

100 Meter Dash
1.  Gary Afram    Sr.     Rosemount     10.80PR (personal record)
2. Demonte Simmons Sr.  Roch. Mayo  10.99PR
7. Owen Johnson  Sr.   Mkto West     11.06PR
10. Ben Rustad   Jr.    Winona            11.14PR

200 Meter Dash
5. Gary Afram   Sr.    Rosemount     22.64PR
6  Michael Nicometo  Roch. J.M.     22.72PR
Payton Goettlicher Jr. Mkto West   23.03  (Raceberry Honor Roll)
Jaxon Sackett   Sr.    Triton              23.61 (Raceberry Honor Roll)

400 Meter Dash
Ramy Ayoub  Soph,  Farmington   50.49  (Raceberry)
4. Marco Reyes   Soph.  Tri-City United  51.36PR

800 Meter Run
1. Ramy Ayoub   Jr.      Farmington   1:55.42PR
4. Bryce Stachewicz  Soph.  Lakeville North   1:58.20
6. Silas Green  Sr.    Rochester Century  1:58.56PR
9. Brennen Peterson   Sr.    Rosemount  2:01.03PR
Reese Anderson Jr.    Lake City     2:04.59 (Raceberry Honor Roll)

1600 Meter Run
3. Gabe Smit   Sr.    Prior Lake     4:23.62
8. Brennen Peterson   Sr.  Rosemount  4:27.14PR
Andrew Johnson Sr. Mkto East  4:28.96 (Raceberry Honor Roll)
Reese Anderson  Jr.  Lake City   4:40.01 (Raceberry Honor Roll)

3200 Meter Run
2. Gabe Smit  St.  Prior Lake   9:21.45PR
6. Brennen Peterson   Sr.  Rosemount  9:39.44PR
Andrew Johnson Sr. Mkto East   9:50.40 (Raceberry)

110 Meter Hurdles
8. Lane Reetz  Sr.  Prior Lake  15.31PR
Medy Akwai  Sr.  Mkto East   15.31 (Raceberry)
Jack Titchenal  Sr.  Owatonna  15.45 (Raceberry)
Simon Morgan  Soph.  Mkto Loyola/Cleveland  15.79 (Raceberry)

300 Meter Hurdles
3. Ryan Gregory   Jr.   Owatonna   40.08PR
4. Jack Kocher    Jr.  Lakeville North 40.88
Owen Petersohn  Jr.  Triton           43.22 (Raceberry Honor Roll)

4x100 Relay
1.  Rochester Mayo (Cayden Holcomb, Noah Smith, Carter Holcomb, Demonte Simmons)    43.64
2. Mankato West (Wyatt Block, Blake Kirby, Peyton Goettlicher, Owen Johnson) 43.67
5. Rosemount (team members not listed)   44.05
7. Prior Lake  (team members not listed)    44.53
Owatonna   44.73 (Raceberry Honor Roll does not list members of the relay)
Lake City  46.10 (Raceberry Honor Roll)

4x200 Relay
2. Farmington (team members not listed)  1:32.47
3.  Mankato West (team members not listed)  1:32.62
5. Rosemount (team members not listed)  1:33.33
Triton         1:37.62  (Raceberry)

4x400 Relay
3.  Lake City (Reese Anderson, Joe Kozlowski, Carson Matzke, Kris Ryan)  3:31.89
6. Lakeville North (team members not listed)  3:34.50

4x800 Relay
6. Rosemount  (team members not listed)  8:28.31
7. Lakeville South (Ethan Starfield, Adam Cavanaugh, Lucas Pessanha, Carter Bolton) 8:30.22
8. Rochester Century (team members not listed)  8:30.60
Lake City   8:37.02 ( team members not listed)  (Raceberry)

Shot Put
1. Marcus Hansen  Sr.   Waseca    60' 4" PR
4. Leo Silha      Sr.  Plainview-Elgin-Millville  53'  1.5"
6. Weston Ebner  Jr.  Rosemount  51' 3.5"PR
Trevor Schirmer  Soph. Owatonna  49' 9.5" (Raceberry)

1. Will Tschetter  Sr. Stewartville  179' 9"PR
3. Hayden Bills  Soph. Rosemount  168' 8"PR
4. Marcus Hansen  Sr.  Waseca    165' 1"
5. Leo Silha  Sr.   Plainview-Elgin-Millville  152' 11"
6. Charles Barnick  Sr.  Rosemount  151' 6"PR
Trevor Schirmer  Soph. Owatonna  147'  3" (Raceberry)
Eli Spurgeon  Jr.  Owatonna  144' 10" (Raceberry)

High Jump
10. Owen Korbel  Soph.  Owatonna  6' 3"PR
10. Benjamin Mosser  Jr. Lakeville South  6' 3"PR
Andrew Siegle  Soph. Belle Plaine  6'0 (Raceberry)
Ryan Gregory Jr.  Owatonna (Raceberry)

Pole Vault
1. Jarod White Jr. Pine Island  15'0 PR

Long Jump
8. Gary Afram  Sr.  Rosemount  21' 2"
Matt Demars  Jr.  Lake City  20' 7"  (Raceberry)

Triple Jump
4.  Matt Seberson  Sr.  Waseca  43' 3.25" PR
7. Ian Lillquist Sr.  New Prague  42' 9.75"  PR
8. Maxwell Vande-Kieft  Rochester Mayo  42' 8" PR
10. Laden Nerison  Kenyon-Wanamingo  42' 4.5" PR
Duang Buk  Sr.  Mankato West   41' 4" (Raceberry)

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