Facebook. That single word evokes many different emotions, especially in 2021. Once a social media platform that served as a place for mindless status updates, photos, and memes is now a target for harsh criticism when it comes to its practices in politics and security.

According to The Verge, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is planning on announcing the company will be changing its name next week during their annual Connect conference. Various reports are saying that Zuckerberg is aiming to make the platform more than social media.


Although the company is looking to change its name, it's unlikely that the app will undergo a name change. The name change is, what many are calling, an attempt to distance themselves from the negative spotlight it has received over the last few years.

From company whistleblowers to security breaches, to potentially playing a role in election fraud... Facebook definitely needs some sort of redemption and facelift.

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Most reactions to this news came with more scrutiny of the company and how this company name change won't erase the negativity it earned over the past few years.

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Would it really matter, in your mind, if Facebook changed its name?

No one would call it anything other than Facebook and it would carry the same baggage as it did before. No one that I know of really uses Facebook other than loosely keeping up with family members and friends. It became a pawn in the political arena very quickly in the past 5 years, as it became filled with negativity on feeds.

If you were Mark Zuckerberg, what would you rename the company? Would you even rename it, or would you get rid of it entirely? I'm personally fond of option two.

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