UNDATED (WJON News) -- Despite coming off two drought years, experts are warning of a bad mosquito season ahead.

We've just had our 3rd snowiest season on record and with all of that moisture, there will be plenty of habitat for them to breed and prosper.

Alex Carlson is with the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District. He says most mosquito eggs can stay dormant for up to seven years before hatching...

The tricky thing is to figure out how long are they going to stay in the water. Because when it's really cold, those spring species tend to stay in the water for many, many weeks until the water is warm enough for them to come out of that. So, we're looking to the May forecast when it starts to warm up.

Carlson says while it may be a few weeks before we start seeing mosquitoes, he says to be aware that ticks come out earlier and can even be active when there is snow on the ground.





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