I think most people can agree that pets are great, they provide companionship and can teach children about responsibility. My family has 2 cats, both adopted as kittens. The terminology has changed, people may buy a goldfish, but, they adopt a 4 legged fur baby. We consider our cats to be part of the family, and they are treated that way.

In fact, we ended up adopting our first kitty from the Steele County Humane Society to be an emotional support pet for my older daughter, who has intellectual disabilities. This cat is is great for emotional support, she likes to lay in your lap, and purr. I would not dream of trying to travel with her though.

Now, in Newark, a woman tried to board a plane with an emotional support peacock. I am all for adopting an animal for emotional support, but a peacock? I can't even imagine trying to travel with a bird that large, and they were turned away from boarding their flight. You can read more here.

If you want to know more about support animals, which do make a huge difference, you can read here.

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