St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - DWI arrests increased more than 10 percent during extra summer patrols compared to last summer in Minnesota.

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The Minnesota Department of Public Safety said during the Labor Day DWI campaign from August 19th through September 5th, officers, deputies, and troopers arrested 1,265 drivers for driving impaired compared with 1,145 DWI arrests during the same period in 2021.

A total of 292 law enforcement agencies across Minnesota participated in the DWI campaign, which included extra patrols, awareness, and education.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety coordinates the campaign with funding provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Impaired Driving Arrests in Minnesota During Extra Driving Patrols

  • The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office arrested a driver for DWI after the driver rolled their car with a 2-year-old inside. The child wasn’t hurt.
  • New Brighton Police arrested a driver for DWI after speeding past an unmarked squad at 100 mph.
  • The Renville County Sheriff’s Office arrested a motorcyclist for 0.23 BAC. Deputies say the rider kept tipping the motorcycle over and riding in the wrong lane of traffic.
  • Eden Prairie police arrested a driver for DWI after a crash involving THC gummies.
  • Annandale police found a driver passed out in a running vehicle in the middle of a parking lot. Officers believe the driver passed out while backing out of the parking space.
  • Big Lake police arrested a driver for DWI after the person crashed into a home.
  • Lake Park police arrested a driver for DWI after stopping at flashing yellow early warning lights, not at the stoplight. The driver was nearly rear-ended.

Highest BAC Arrest in Minnesota During Extra Summer Patrols

  • Mankato Department of Public Safety Police (0.36)
  • Winona Police Department (0.357)
  • Ramsey Police Department (0.35)
  • Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office (0.34)
  • Plymouth Police Department (0.33)

DWI Arrests by Agency in Minnesota During Extra Summer Patrols

In the Twin Cities metro area, agencies with the most DWI arrests during the campaign included:

  • Minnesota State Patrol — District 2500 (Golden Valley): 89
  • Minnesota State Patrol — District 2400 (Oakdale): 47
  • Saint Paul Police Department: 42
  • Richfield Police Department: 19
  • Inver Grove Heights Police Department: 16

In greater Minnesota, agencies with the most arrests included:

  • Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office: 35
  • Minnesota State Patrol — District 2100 (Rochester): 27
  • Red Lake Tribal Police: 24
  • St. Cloud Police Department: 23
  • Wright County Sheriff’s Office: 22

DWI History and Statistics in Minnesota

  • Law enforcement across the state arrested 18,251 drivers for DWI so far in 2022 compared with 17,176 this time last year (as of Sept. 12).
  • More than one of every five deaths (23 percent) on Minnesota roads is drunk driving-related.
  • Alcohol-related crashes cause an average of 344 life-changing injuries each year (2017-2021).

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