The best pretzels on the planet are finally coming out with a second flavor! Dot's Pretzels are so insanely good, it's crazy to think they launched pretty recently, back in 2012. The new flavor for Dot's Pretzels is going to be Southwest-style.

Let's first touch on how cool of a company Dot's Pretzels is. Dot's is named after Dorothy “Dot” Henke of North Dakota. City Pages says "the twisty rods began in [her] Velva, N.D., kitchen." Now they're sold almost everywhere!

Now back to the new flavor! I'm excited to try this Southwest flavor. If they're able to make normal pretzels taste so delicious I can't imagine what they're going to do with a Southwest-style.

In their announcement on Instagram earlier this week, they mention that they'll be testing the new flavor in certain locations this fall and officially launching the new flavor next spring.


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