Today is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, a great opportunity to show your kid just what mom and dad do at work. It started in 1993 as Take Your Daughter to Work Day, a way to encourage young girls to see the wide array of careers available for them. Since then sons were added to the day and now both sons and daughters can look forward to 10 minutes of excitement, an hour of hearing, "Hey, aren't you a little OLD to work here?", then six hours of screen time.

But, what are the rules? You have to be very careful in today's workplace. To help a little, here are my Do's and Don'ts of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

DO - Pull the fire alarm and blame your kid.

DON'T - Don't let your kid talk to your boss. If they try, clothesline your boss. Easier to explain that than explain why your kid said, "Mommy/Daddy says you're as dumb as a box of toenails, and that's being cruel to toenails."

DO - Use your toddler to guilt your boss into NOT firing you.

DON'T - Bring your partner to work with you and say, "Oh, you meant AGE?"

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DO - Bring your kid to work if they've just been infected with lice.

DON'T - Bring your kid to work if they've just been infected with lice and you LIKE your co-workers.

DO - Leave the electronics at home (unless, again, you like your co-workers).

DON'T - Bring your goat. It wasn't funny last year, it won't be funny this year.

DO - Let your kid go desk to desk saying, "Trick or treat!" so co-workers will fill their bag with candy.

DON'T - Let your son or daughter eat the candy. That candy goes in your desk. Mama needs a Kit-Kat break, kid!

DO - Take your kid to the Federal Medical Center.

DON'T - Let them run up and down the halls looking for Hanibal Lector, Chucky and his Bride, or Mr. Belding.

DO - Shout, "Bobby, take that pull-up off Mr. Smith's head and put it back on your butt where it belongs!"

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DON'T - Shout, "Bobby, get mommy another bottle of wine!" Remember, you're at work.

DO - Know the Mayo Clinic LOVES children.

DON'T - Let them knock on random urine test bathroom doors shouting, "C'mon, hurry it up in there pal!"

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