Fun fact: Today is International Axe Throwing Day, that's right, International, as in celebrated around the world. Nothing as pathetic as just a national day. With this in mind, why aren't you outside throwing axes right now?

Okay, all kidding aside, there are probably a few axes being swung today, splitting some of the logs that homeowners have likely harvested from all the downed trees in the area, after being hit by what I heard were two bad storms.

According to, "On this day, you can try your hand at skillfully lobbing this tree-felling instrument in a fun, competitive, and most of all safe environment. And what’s more, at participating locations, you can do it for free! This day was created to encourage sporty types to give a go to a historical past time, relieve stress and just have fun with friends and family. Across the world, axe throwing clubs will be opening their doors to allow anyone to try the sport free of charge. So there’s no excuse not to get out in the great outdoors and give it a go!"

I've thrown hatchets at targets before but I've never tried my hand at throwing an axe. Maybe I have a new hobby to look into.

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