As we get ready to turn our calendars over to December, Minnesotans generally are gearing up to start removing snow. On average, according to the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities, this is the week that we see roughly 2" of snowfall. The key to that last sentence was, average as it's not looking like we are going to see that snow anytime soon this week or anytime next week either.

The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities put together an info-graphic yesterday on social media that dove into the topic of snowfall and what we see on average as Minnesotans this time of year.

While many would prefer some sort of a white Christmas, there is still time for that, something tells me we probably won't be waiting for our first 2 inches of snowfall until March like the Twin Cities did back in 1954.

So when is our next chance for some snow? Accuweather has an extended forecast that can go out 90-days, and what they are modeling is the potential for some snow events coming the second full week in December, which puts us on track for a white Christmas.

But let's take the forecast as what it is, in reality, it's just a guess, and we've seen time and time again the long-term forecasts miss their marks, and even when it comes to some short-term forecasts that have been put out.

Speaking of snow, today is also snowplow driver appreciation day, so a special thank you to those that move all that white stuff off our area roads when we do get some snow. We wouldn't be able to get where we were going safely without your work.

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