Because May 15th fell on a weekend this year you have until today to pay or get in the mail the first half of your real estate taxes. Louise and I do not have to be concerned about the first half of our house real estate taxes because our home lender takes care of that along with the homeowners insurance. It sure is convenient that we pay into an escrow account when we make the monthly payment and then the bank actually sends the real estate taxes and insurance premium.

I am not sure why lenders for farmland have not set up an escrow account for real estate taxes? I guess I have never asked, I just send the payment by May 15th and November 15th. Well, almost every time I send the payment on time. There was one fall with harvest, going to the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis and Farm Broadcasters Convention in Kansas City I forgot to send the payment. I was only about one week late but I still had to pay the penalty. However, I at least kept our names out of the published delinquent taxes!

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