Duane "Dog" Chapman's new reality television series Dog's Most Wanted debuted just months after his wife and co-star Beth Chapman lost her battle with cancer. That battle has been a major plot point, one that will be reaching its peak soon.

Trailers for last week's episode of the WGN series show Duane Chapman talking about what will become his final hunt with Beth. Viewers see doctor's provide news that becomes more and more grim, although Beth takes it all in stride. One of last week's non-hunt scenes found Chapman wig shopping.

“We’re all over the place, constantly trying to keep me in wigs, hats, scarves … whatever we can find to just keep me looking normal,” she tells the cameras. Her optimism is inspiring. The episode included her Mother's Day speech at a church in Florida, where she talked about what she saw as a test of faith.

"I learned as a grew as a young Christian that God doesn’t do things for just no apparent reason,” Beth Chapman says (quote via Hollywood Life). "I don’t go to God and go ... why did I get cancer? Because I know why — because it’s the ultimate test of faith. But I also believe that the Lord of impossible miracles is going to show up big."

Sadly, Chapman lost her battle with Stage IV lung cancer just seven weeks later (in real time). Her death will be part of this season of Dog's Most Wanted, the Chapmans' new reality television series after becoming famous catching criminals on Dog the Bounty Hunter more than a decade ago.

Since Beth Chapman's death, Duane Chapman has remained active in celebrating his wife's life and promoting the new show — work that came with a cost. Last month he was hospitalized with a heart emergency that turned out to be a pulmonary embolism. The 66-year-old shares that to fight the life-threatening condition, he has altered his diet, started taking blood thinners and is working on breaking his smoking habit.

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