Here is one study I wholeheartedly do not agree with! One website has listed what they say is the strangest town name in each state and Minnesota's is just a short drive from us here in the Duluth and Superior area.

According to, the weirdest town name in Minnesota is Castle Danger! Ha! That is a favorite destination for many in the Northland and beyond. Maybe I am used to the name but I definitely don't think it is the strangest town name in the entire state.

In fact, I have looked into this very topic before. Last year, I did some research on the most humorous town names in Minnesota. There are quite a few: Norwood Young America, Saint Bonifacius, Sleepy Eye, among others. I think these are definitely a lot more strange!

Again, this could just be because I am used to hearing about Castle Danger. It is a unique name but I think there are stranger. Ha!

I also do not agree with their findings on Wisconsin. According to this website, Egg Harbor is the strangest town name in the state. Wisconsin has some of the weirdest town names of any state, with cities and towns that are not only tongue twisters, but hard to pronounce and often botched by out-of-towners. How did one of those not make the cut?!

Overall, the rest of the country gives us a run for our money. Ever heard of Sopchoppy, Florida? Burger Hollow? Chicken Bristle? Us either.

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