I can not thank every first responder out there enough for everything they do to keep us safe. Unfortunately, there are some who do not feel the same, especially with everything going on with the current coronavirus pandemic. This caused Dodge County Sheriff, Scott Rose, to take to social media and defend first responders.

Rose took to Facebook on Friday to share his feelings about the safety of First Responders being dismissed because "Well…that’s the job they signed up for!”

Frankly, these comments piss me off! We didn’t sign up for this! Nobody signed up for this! While our cops and first responders have committed to maintaining our public safety knowing they may have to put themselves in harms way – nobody has ever dealt with anything like this before.


There are some who do not appreciate what our nation's first responders are doing for them during this nationwide pandemic. Just like medical personnel, police, firefighters, and EMTs are also on the front line of the battle without the necessary personal protection equipment (PPE) available which does not just put them at risk, but their families as well.

Sheriff Rose also mentions that most of Dodge County's first responders are "VOLUNTEERS" or "have part-time jobs to help make ends meet!!"

These great men and women are doing everything they can to help keep us safe, risking their health and their family’s health - they'll even be there to help those people dismissing their heroic actions - those people who get to stay at home and stay safe from the virus. These great people are our cops, our fire fighters, and our medical staff….they are all first responders.... they are all heroes….PERIOD!

The next time you see a first responder, no matter where you are at, take the time to thank them for everything they do to keep us safe. They are all heroes in every sense of the word!


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