This brings new meaning to the often misused phrase, "Did you catch any deer?" In this case, the answer is yes. Two MN DNR officers were called to investigate an incident in Duluth Township where a deer broke through a basement window of a home. The homeowners were able to contain the deer in the laundry room, but it kept trying to get out by pawing at the handle. The deer was a female doe.

Yes this really happened, according to the Superior Telegram.  After some time, one of the officers was able to tackle the deer and the other tied up it's legs. Then they rolled it up in a rug and were able to get it out the front door, where it broke free and ran off.

How about that for an insurance claim? The deer did some damage to more than just the window it broke as it ran around bumping into things. The homeowners did their best to use furniture to make a tunnel for the deer to get out, but the deer wouldn't go up the stairs without help and it was clear it wasn't able to get back out of the window.

Nice work by the DNR officers on saving the animal and getting the job done!

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