Midland's "Mr. Lonely" music video finds actor Dennis Quaid all by his lonesome, portraying the lead character in the plot.

The video begins with Quaid waking up and getting ready for his day, which apparently consists of going to a bar, where Midland are performing the song while women with Mr. Lonely insignia begin to torment him — even dragging him across the bar!

By the end of the video, Quaid is missing a tooth and covered in glass and drinks, but just as you think it's finished, the scorned lovers light his pants on fire.

"Long live the blues they're keeping me in business / Some want to dance / Some want to party / Whatever they need they call me, Mr. Lonely / Mr. Good Time / Mr. one you're gonna want on a Saturday night when you're lonely lyin' in the dark / I'm the number that you know by broken heart / No I ain't Mr. Right, I'm Mr. Right now / The one all the girls are talking about / The one and only Mr. Lonely," the "Burn Out" country trio sing in the chorus.

The video was directed by Midland's Cameron Duddy and follows a similar plot of the teaser "Mr. Lonely" line-dancing music video. "Mr. Lonely" is the first single from the band’s upcoming sophomore album and was written by lead singer Mark Wystrach, guitarist Jess Carson and bassist Duddy alongside songwriting heavyweights Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.

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