Some good news for those who like to head to Northfield Labor Day weekend, the Defeat of Jesse James Days is a GO for 2021, but what the celebration will look like in terms of scope of events, offerings, and such is still up in the air. So the good news is there WILL be a celebration, but it might not feel like years past based on recommendations from Minnesota's Department of Public Health.

The celebration posted to their Facebook page to update the public on what has been happening in terms of the planning process.

The post from Galen Malecha on behalf of the DJJD committee reads:

"Hello friends of the Defeat of Jesse James Days Celebration,

We have been receiving many questions about our 2021 celebration as we continue to face challenges associated with COVID-19. At this time our leaders are working closely with city officials, the county public health department, and public safety personnel to gauge all our options.

We are continually working through different potential scenarios while keeping in mind current health guidelines, capacity limits and recognizing the economic challenges continuing to face our local businesses and sponsors. At this time we are committed to hosting the celebration, however, the size, scope, and duration will possibly be a scaled-down version than what we have had in the past."

This is welcomed news this week as the Freeborn County Fair pulled the plug on their fair this week citing the cost to hold the event, and keeping the fair in good economic standing, as reasons not to hold the fair in 2021.

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