Darryl Worley's 2016 has been an eventful one. While at a country festival called Tunes in the Tropics in Fiji in February, the singer-songwriter found himself caught directly in the path of Tropical Cyclone Winston.

In an interview with Taste of Country at Country Jam 2016, the "Rainmaker" singer recalled fearing for his life while waiting out the storm.

"There were moments when I thought, 'This could really be bad,'" he says. "We were stuck where we were and there was not a lot of options. A lot of times when you start moving around trying to predict where it's gonna go, you're going to run right into it. I told my wife, 'We're going to hunker down here.'"

While the couple made it through the storm, Worley said at times he felt like he was on the Titanic. Leading up to the category 5 storm, the singer let fans know on Facebook of the weather conditions, and several news outlets even picked up his coverage.

"I told my manager when I got home, we hadn't had publicity like this in years. All you have to do is go to some island in the South Pacific and almost get yourself killed and you're back on TV and radio!" he says. "We took advantage of it and threw a single out there."

Worley recently released "Rainmaker" — a piece of the most progressive music he's ever cut. The song is also being used for a good cause.

"Our hope was to let folks know we're making music again and also, when you download the 'Rainmaker' song, you help the folks in Fiji, that's what our plan is," he adds.

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