I don't know what is happening in Crystal Minnesota but a large number of residents are flushing mop heads down their toilets and clogging up the city sewer system. What I want to know is how is these even possible? Cooper and I were talking about this on the air this morning and without having read the story I thought maybe they were disposable mop pads, but no these are the old fashioned string mops like you see in schools and large buildings.

Not to say that people do not use these in their homes they obviously do but who in the heck would think that when you are done using the mop that you flush it down the toilet? I don't even know how it could flush in the first place. They must have some turbo toilets in these homes.

At my house I had in Duluth we would not even dare use baby wipes as any plumber will tell you they do not break down and will eventually clog up your sewer drain. The city of Crystal even posted on their Facebook Page a plea for residents to stop flushing these saying they have found multiple mop heads in the wastewater station. The houses outlined in pink are the ones clogging up the city sewer system.

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That is a lot of homes that for some reason are flushing things that are not supposed to be disposed of via a toilet in your home. I am wondering if they all gather at each others homes in the summer for cookouts and brag about what they are able to flush down their toilets? This is absolutely insane to me and the big question remains have any of them had to pay a plumber to unclog the sewer lines on their property? Just one of those bills from a plumber would set them straight.

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