Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn has issued a crime alert hoping to inform citizens of recent fraudulent activity.

In a news release, Dunn says some resident of Rice County have received letters in the U.S. Mail with the headline, "ATTENTION-RICE COUNTY-SOCIAL SECURITY POLL."

It then goes on to explain that you have been selected for a nationwide poll and asks you to complete the poll and then donate money also.

Dunn says, "This is a scam and the information should be discarded and destroyed. Do not send money or give any personal financial information over the phone. If you believe a telemarketer or someone else is trying to scam you, ask them for their supervisor's phone number. Many times they will not provide you with it."

The best way to avoid being a victim of a scam like this he says is to "contact them directly via their business phone or customer service number."

Dunn adds in his news release that residents of Rice County have also experienced fraud where a person misrepresents themselves as someone using the internet. In an email they ask you to "forward or make a payment right away."

Dunn points out these criminals are, "difficult to track down as many times they are calling from other states or even different countries."

"If it feels wrong or unsafe, it most likely is", he says. "Do everything you can to prevent yourselves as well as your friends and family from becoming a victim."

Matteo De Stefano/thinkstock

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