A sad sight in Southern Minnesota the other day. In Brown County, a huge corn spill covered the road for about two hours, undoubtedly backing up traffic while they worked to clean up all of the corn off the road.

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This happened earlier this week, Wednesday, June 23rd, around 4 PM, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. They posted about the incident along with photos from the scene later Wednesday evening.

According to the Facebook post, an axel broke while the farmer was hauling corn, spilling one of the wagons that was filled to the brim. That must have been terrible! I don't know much about farming, but I'm pretty certain once corn is spilled on the road, you can't pick it up and sell it anyway.

Brown County, in case you don't know, is west of Mankato. New Ulm is in Brown County on the east side. According to the sheriff's office, the spill happened on County Road 16 and County Road 100.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office shared that "farmers, Farmward employees and the Brown County Highway Department" helped with the clean-up on Wednesday. But despite all of the help, Jason Seidl with the Brown County Sheriff's Office told Bring Me the News that they were out there cleaning up the spilled corn for over 2 hours.

Ugh, that looks like so much corn! Hopefully, it's not too much money that the farmer lost out on with this spill.

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