The Minnesota State Boy's Hockey Tournament ended on Saturday night at the Xcel Energy Center, with champions being crowned from Andover and Hermantown. Yesterday the All Hair Hockey Team was announced via YouTube video from Game On! Minnesota. Check out this year's All Hockey Hair team below.

This year's theme was 'Flowchella', and the makers of the all hockey hair team described the video as such; Wind up the flow ferris wheel, because salad is back on the main stage at the 2022 Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament. Welcome to Flowchella! Special thanks to Duke Cannon for sponsoring this year and their generous donation to the Hendrickson Foundation supporting sled, special, military, and blind hockey in the state of Minnesota.

The video goes through the wide range of hairstyles that appear during the Minnesota boys hockey tournament, and what looked like a new theme was the emerging facial hair addition to many of the boys, mostly in the form of a mustache.

My personal favorite from this year's video was the 'Lord of the Rinks' Mahtomedi's Nick Beiersdorf. Not only did he make the team he also scored a goal, and had a fun celebration to boot.

Hermantown had the #1 spot in the top-10, but overall this year's crop of hair was one of the all-time best, especially seeing that Minneapolis made the tournament for the first time in a LONG time. So for all the peroxide, perms, and pomade, it was just great to see people in the seats and pucks hit the back of the net. Now we wait another year for the return not only of the state hockey tournament but the return of the 2023 all-hockey hair team.

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