Recently, the same story has been shared and liked by countless people on social media about a town where everyone learned sign language to surprise a deaf resident of the community. It's one of those stories that amazes you about how much people can accomplish if they work together, and resonates locally because Faribault is the proud home of the State Academy for the Deaf. 

In the video, the deaf man goes about his day as normal, but each person he runs into is able to converse with him in sign language, and at the end of the video, he learns that the entire community has learned the language for him. It's all part of an advertisement, and while a brand is certainly trying to elevate itself, as with any advertising, it also showed the power of community and how amazing it can be to learn a new language. In Faribault, students are lucky to have the option of taking American Sign Language as a language elective in high school. If you are past high school, but would still like to learn, American Sign Language classes are available through Faribault Park and Rec.

There are three levels and session one will be offered starting April 1. Session two will begin May 6. Register online at the Faribault Park & Recreation website, or call (507) 334-2064 for more information.

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