Colt Ford sings about lost love on his new single "4 Lane Gone," a straight-down-the-middle country heartbreaker that doesn't sacrifice anything he's become known for.

The first single from Ford's next album sounds best through car stereo speakers. A chill banjo and steel guitar-driven introduction swells into a chorus that finds the singer (unsuccessfully) drowning his sorrows in cold beer. His lover left, quickly it seems. And as you'd expect, this Georgia-raised country boy is thinking it over in the back of his truck, with a cooler to keep him company.

The evolution of Colt Ford hasn't come at the cost of his identity. He still sings about the same themes, even if his neck isn't quite as red on this song as it has been before. The presentation is different, which those who've followed him since "No Trash in My Trailer" may take exception to. But like so many of the top artists of today, Ford knows you don't remain relevant doing the same thing record after record.

Did You Know?: Ford's sixth studio album Love Hope Faith will be released in early 2017.

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Colt Ford's "4 Lane Gone" Lyrics:

“Been raining for three days / On the fast-track to the highway / Trying to save a little time / Lord I never should have tried / Taking this backroad shortcut / Now I’m waist-up sold, son / I’m never catching that so I just put the tailgate down / She’s probably somewhere doing 95 / I got nothing but this cooler and time.”

“I crack one, waiting on a ride / Two or three just to pass the time / While she’s heading to a new town / And I’m too lost to be found / She probably thinks that I don’t care / Stuck in a rut in the middle of nowhere / With just my luck I’ll be here all night long / Man I’m bummed out, backroad buzzed / As she’s 4-lane gone / Yeah she’s 4-lane-gone.”

“Every empty beer can makes me miss her like hell / Man I could kick myself / For the place and the shape I’m in holding me back / Yeah my wheels keep on spinning and she’s ticked off blacktop fast.”

“While I’m stuck here all alone / With a midnight nightlife one more chance I’ve blown.”

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